Action Mount® Universal Smartphone Holder and Conversion Adapters for Any Smartphone. These Conversion Adapters Allow You to Use Any Action Mount® or GoPro Accessories With a Point-and-Shoot Camera, or Other Action Cameras Like Sony Action Cam.

The Best Adapter for video recording. • Are you having problem with taking pictures and video when there is no one to help? • Do you want to take your photos more conveniently without having to rely on anyone to help? Then get this tripod adapter today because it is exactly what you need! This tripod adapter is the most effective tool for taking picutres or video wherever and whenever. These converters and tripod adapter were designed and manufactured to allow you to use a phone, point and shoot, or Sony Action Cam. The Clamp features tripod screws on both sides, a soft foam bumper, stretchable rubber arms that hold onto your phone and lips that prevent your phone from sliding out of the adapter. It is made from premium quality

PRICE: $10.99