ActionCam DVS1-Silver Touch Screen Action Camera with Waterproof Case (Silver)

The DVS1 ActionCam is a DV camcorder with a 2″ resistive touchscreen, which allows users to access the functions of the camera more efficiently and easily. By placing the DVS1 ActionCam into the waterproof case provided, users can take pictures and video clips under the water as deep as 10 meters. With the 1.3MP sensor, the DVS1 ActionCam can interpolate still pictures up to 5MP (Resolution: 2592 x 1944)! Furthermore, HD 720p video clips can be recorded using the DVS1 ActionCam at 21-31 frames per second. The DVS1 ActionCam inside the waterproof case allows users to operate from -4 degrees F-104 degrees F. The DVS1 ActionCam can also be tied onto the helmet while riding bicycle or skiing. The 120 degrees wide-angle lens on the DVS1

PRICE: $39.00