Atziloose Folding Credit Card Knife Pocket Knife (2-Pack) Fits Perfect in Your Wallet (Plastic Cover Handle) Stocking Stuffers Christmas Gifts for Him

ATZILOOSE CREDIT CARD KNIFE This credit card knife is super light and sharp it is the same size as your credit card, making it the perfect size to fit directly into your wallet. Just three simple folding operations transform this card into an elegant pocket knife utility tool. Slimmer and lighter than an ordinary knife made from plastic with a stainless steel blade to ensure its long lasting durability. This knife also has a unique safety feature which when in the lock positions ensures that the blade will not open in your pocket or your draw making it child proof. Uses This is a great gadget to have with you at all times, such as but not limited to: 1. Camping 2. Hiking 3. Box cutting 4. Self-defense (hopefully not)

PRICE: $9.99