Christmas in June? Snow falls on Charlottetown

It started well mixed in with the rain and then it began to become more clear. It is June 6 and it is snowing in Charlottetown. It started around 6:30 a.m. and was still falling at 7 a.m. The temperature was hovering at 2 C. "It dipped a degree or two ... ( read original ...

Nova Scotia Christmas tree farms damaged by frost

On Monday, Nova Scotia experienced a heavy frost, which will impact the Christmas tree industry, the Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia said in a news release. The heavy frost is one of a number of weather-related factors that can affect the industry ... ( read original story ...)

COMMENTARY: Concern expressed about levy on trees

If you follow the Christmas tree industry in Nova Scotia, you will be aware the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources is polling Christmas tree growers about their view of the mandated check-off, or levy, designed to fund improvement for the industry ... ( read original story ...)

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree|Christmas Trees and Greetings

Hi Friends, Today I am showing you how to decorate a Christmas tree! I am a part of a wonderful collaboration started by the beautiful Cathryn of Amateur Decorating like a Pro! A play list of all of the participants are listed below.r 2. Add the ribbon ... ( read original story ...)