Bella Vigna 3-in-1 Wine Bottle Cooler Stick | Best Barware Tool | Stainless Steel Chiller Cooling Rod | Air Aerator and Pourer (1pack)

✅ INTRODUCING THE REVOLUTIONARY SINGLE WINE CHILLER, AERATOR & POURER. ✅ A lot goes into serving a perfect glass of wine. ✅ If it’s a white you’re uncorking, you have to make sure that the wine is well chilled and maintain that chilled temperature. ✅ Before serving a red, you have to make sure it has time to breathe or else you’ll miss out on its full flavor and bouquet. ✅ And no matter what you’re serving, you have to be careful when you pour so that you don’t end up with drips and spills. ✅ Isn’t that a lot of work for something that’s supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable? Bella Vino thinks so! ✅ That’s why we created our 3-in-1 Wine Aerator Pourer & Chiller. ✅ Like you, we got tired of having to wait for reds to

PRICE: $12.95