A Christmas Tree that beats with your heart !

ProtoCentral's Christmas tree tracks your pulse with a pulse-oximeter and glows in sync with your heart rythm. Here is how we made it. The holiday season comes every year and there are hundreds of Christmas tree projects out there every year. So, we wanted ... ( read original story ...)

Ukrainian Christmas exciting time for Regina woman

It's Orthodox Christmas Eve and that's a big deal in Saskatchewan, where many thousands of people claim Ukrainian ancestry. For some families, it will mean preparing a meal of 12 meatless dishes — and Regina's Barb Dedi is among those going all out. ( read original story ...)

Monday before Christmas Amazon had 50% of online sales

SAN FRANCISCO – On the Monday before Christmas, 49.2% of all online sales in the United States were made on Amazon, according to data from Slice Intelligence. Consumers were doing their shopping later, secure in the knowledge that Amazon’s two-day ... ( read original story ...)

It’s Not Easy Being Santa

Children wander near him, murmuring Ded Moroz — Santa Claus in Russian. This is an over-the-top event, stuffed with more than a dozen performers. Parents have paid up to $60 to spend the day here with their children. Troy Curtis, a performer who was once ... ( read original story ...)

Santa Claus Forced to Prove Identity to Use Facebook

According to a report from the Associated Press (AP), Santa Claus, a city councilman for the North Pole, has been reinstated by Facebook (FB) after the social media site deactivated his account, pending the proof of his identity. You heard that ... ( read original story ...)

Christmas tree collection to start Jan. 10 in Edmonton

Possibly the most depressing sign that Christmas has come to an end is nearly upon us. The City of Edmonton will begin collecting natural Christmas trees on Tuesday, Jan. 10. By 7 a.m. on that date, trees must be place un-bagged on their sides, next to ... ( read original story ...)

Christmas TV ratings at all-time low

For a time, it was the focal point of a family Christmas: gathering around the television to watch the best new shows broadcasters could muster. But must-watch Christmas television has been consigned to history, it appears, as figures reveal this year’s ... ( read original story ...)