Chawoorim silicone molds christmas decorations – Silicone Muffin Cups Handmade Soap Molds Biscuit Chocolate Ice Cake Pans

Chawoorim Silicone Molds About the product – The silicone: Can be re-used, innovative design, soft, varied styles, stripping easy, and easy to clean. – Silicone is extremely stable properties, UV, ozone, extreme temperatures, and the vast majority of chemical agents can not change its character. – It can be applied to microwave heating, oven baked, non-direct contact with flame cooking, cold storage and freezing. In addition, the silicone material can direct contact with food without any problems. – THE BEST MATERIALS: BPA free and FDA approved high quality Silicone, Eco-friendly, Lifetime Warranty, Non stick very easy to clean – Silicone molds are fantastic for making: Gummy Snacks, Chocolates, crayons, candles, hard candy,

PRICE: $9.99