Combo of 2-in-1 Premium Collapsible Colander + Foldable Funnel. Top Stainless Steel and Silicone Strainer. 3 & 2 Quarts. Perfect Kitchen Gift Idea for Women / Her – Mother or Wife, Birthday, Wedding

LOVED BY ALL OF OUR FAMILIES Nothing makes us happier than our HAPPY CUSTOMERS and families. That is why we gave one piece to our wives, mothers, and grandmas, and they were excited! Why? ALL THEIR ISSUES WERE GONE after replacing their old colanders! ♥ Replacing some of their older colanders with our beautifully-designed one was a no-brainer. Some even had various cracks and damages, which would never happen with our very DURABLE AND STURDY colander. ♥ Even those who had newer ones they still found them bulky, taking up too much space and difficult to store in kitchens full of other gadgets. COLLAPSING to only 1.2 INCHES does a great job of SAVING 75% OF ITS SPACE and makes it possible to store anywhere – even between plates like a

PRICE: $17.93