FeerHol’s Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter Bike| Fun Small Pizza Cutter Bicycle For Men, Women &Kids|Cool Kitchen Gadget/ Tool/ Utensil For Pizza Cutting/Slicing- Perfect Holiday/ Housewarming Gift Idea

Pizza Cutting With A Bike? No,It’s Not Crazy, It’s SUPER FUN Feerhol’s pizza cutter bike is a scaled down, lifelike yellow bike model, that its twowheels serve as cutters. Its super fun design,will make cutting pizzas easier and more enjoyable! Cut As Many Pizzas As You Can Eat Our high quality kitchen gadget, features two premium STAINLESS STEEL, non-stick wheel cutters that guarantee durability and effortlessness when cutting a pizza. Plus, our way of doing things is while caring for nature, with our pizza cutter bicycle you can rest assured all our materials are Eco friendly! Easy To Use And Clean, Highly Efficient Feerhol’s pizza cutter bike is easy to use and will cut through any sort of pizza with absolute ease. No more struggling

PRICE: $11.99