French Press Coffee Maker and Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop Set | 34 Oz | By Savvy Coffee

WHAT IS THAT TASTE?? People who drink coffee typically love it. And what’s not to love? As we get more seasoned in drinking it, our palettes refine and we can taste so many more nuances of the coffee. Unfortunately, this means we can also taste the remnants of things that aren’t supposed to be in it. How disappointing to have a perfect cup ruined because of an old, stale flavor left behind. We want you to know, there is a way to better tasting coffee… THROW OUT THE “LEFT OVERS”! Traditional coffee pots use paper or plastic filters that catch the natural oils of the coffee, and when they build up can cause a slightly funky flavor in your coffee brews. That’s a sure fire way to NOT enjoy your gourmet blends! With Savvy Coffee’s Premium

PRICE: $19.49