Frozen Maine Lobster Tails – In The Shell – 5 Pounds Jumbo Tails

Shucks Maine Lobster tails have been HPP-processed to produce what we call our ‘EZ Shuck’ Maine Tails. Now, even without applying heat you can easily just slip the meat out of the shell – now you can enjoy Maine Lobster tails and be sure to get all the meat! Our Maine Lobster tails come directly from the cold, rocky coasts of Maine, guaranteeing you the most responsibly and sustainably harvested Lobster in the world.. Our Maine Lobster fisherman only catch a regulated size Lobster, to ensure that we will have Maine Lobster to enjoy for generations to come. You can prepare your Maine Lobster tails in the oven or on the grill, in the shell or shuck your own, but will always guarantee a celebration on every plate! Available in two size

PRICE: $250.00