GUARANTEED OVERNIGHT! Caviar Gift Basket – 1oz Royal Osetra – 2oz Fresh Alaskan Salmon Keta Roe – 2 Mother of Pearl Spoons

MAKE IT A ROYAL CAVIAR PARTY! C&C “Royal” Caviar Gift Set is selected for kings! Our Royal Osetra and Salmon Caviar are simply delectable, comes in a beautiful gift box with 2 Mother of Pearl spoons. Raised in pristine settings, our Royal Osetra caviar is of the freshest and highest grade. It maintains firm large opulent pearls hint of a smooth, lush, and nutty flavor. Our Salmon Caviar maintains an immaculately fresh taste that hints of salt. High in protein and nutrients, our Salmon caviar is a succulent orange pearl, pleasing to both the eye and palate. This Gift Set includes: 1 oz Royal Osetra ~ 2 oz Salmon Caviar ~ 2 Mother of Pearl Spoons ~ C&C Luxury Gift

PRICE: $149.99