Melange Black Lines Square Porcelain 16-Piece Place Setting, Service for 4

Mélange Square Dinnerware is fun, exciting and modern. The casual dinner sets are tough, durable and designed for everyday use. Porcelain is harder and more durable than stoneware or earthenware. The water porosity is close to 0 percent (compared to 2% for stoneware sets). Greater the water porosity greater the possibility of moisture retention in dinnerware and hence lesser the durability. Vitrified at over 1300C, Mélange Squares porcelain sets are hard and stable. Mélange Squares is a great commercial product safe for cutting on with knives and keeping the food surface non-absorbent. Available in 16 and 32-piece place settings. You can choose from many designs that fit to your individual personality and

PRICE: $57.72