Multi Style Headband for Sports, Workout, Yoga or Fashion with All Season Fabric Technology

IT’S LIKE A GAME…. How long will it stay on this time? Probably not long, seeing as how almost every thirty seconds this little headband of yours goes shooting up your head… ISN’T IT TIME YOU GOT A BETTER ONE? We at the French Fitness Revolution bring you just that with our Multi-Style Headband! From regular headband, to neck gaiter, to Scrunchieand more; you choose the style that fits you best, and enjoy the comfort of our Viscose & Spandex blend. DARE TO COMPARE! Go ahead and compare the French Fitness Revolution headband to any other on the market. Once their headbands squeeze your head and slip off, feel free to come back and use the French Fitness Revolution headband. SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE Buy multiples and really diversify

PRICE: $6.95