Napa Valley Olive Oil Fresh Jalapeno Infused Extra Virgin For Gourmet Cooking, Salad Dressing, Gift Baskets, Mediterranean Diet, Vegetarian Recipes, Health Food Or A Unique Gluten Free Gift

LunaOlivo Jalapeno Olive Oil is the perfect blend of spicy, smooth, and well balanced. It is mild, but still provides a lively zing of fresh Jalapeno Pepper. It is great for those who want that peppery flavor without being overwhelmed with heat. It is delicate on the palate, and can turn any dish into a culinary dream, it is that delicious! We love using this to pan fry corn tortillas for tacos, or to add a little extra oomph of jalapeno to your favorite cornbread recipe. LunaOlivo specializes in all natural artisan olive oils, balsamics and dipping oils. Our company only uses the finest quality ingredients and would settle for absolutely nothing but the best. Our signature olive oils are made of all natural CA grown olives, an

PRICE: $21.00