pangshi® Extendable Handheld Telescopic Monopod for Sony Action Cam HDR-AS100V AS30V HDR-AS200V FDR-X1000V HDR-AZ1

To record your performances by yourself when playing sports (like skiing, skating, Water skiing ,etc)
To take pictures by yourself when travelling
To get a fantastic gorgeous photograph angles
You should not miss this monopod pole, Ideal companion for your recording and photographing!

1. Maximum Height: approx 62cm/26.22″
2. Minimum Height: approx 22cm/8.66″
3. Material: Soft Foam, Alloy Metal, Plastic
4. Easy to install, adjust and remove
5. Extendable and portable
6. Rotatable head
7. Coming with A wrist strap
8. Non-slip soft foam grip
9.With the Tripod Mount & Screw, easy to mount your as100v as30v action Camera on the Monopod

Package Included:
1 x Handheld

PRICE: $9.99