PerFit Swatch Replacement Watch Band, 17mm to fit Originals Gent and others, Matte Black

PerFit® Swatch 17mm replacement bands are made to fit the following models: Originals(Alarmchrono, Automatic, Autoquartz, Chrono, Gent, Midi Aqua-Chrono, Musicall, Scuba, Solar, Stopper) and Irony(Automatic, Big, Medium, Midi Chrono, Scuba). Swatch Originals Gent is by far the most iconic and popular model of Swatch watch, measuring 34mm wide and 39.20mm long. All PerFit® bands are covered by the PerFit® Promise: you’ll be happy with the Perfect Fit or your money back. PerFit® Perfect Fit,

PRICE: $9.95