Prost ® Monopod Diving Floaty Floating Bobber Hand Grip Handle + Screw + Wrist Strap Accessory Float For SONY Action Cam HDR-AS200V HDR-AS50 AS100V AS30V AS20V AZ1 FDR-X1000VR AEE

Features: Professional custom rod buoyancy handheld stick, it is designed for SONY Action Cam HDR-AS200V AS100V AS30V AS20V AZ1 FDR-X1000VR and be used in water sports timer (eg: diving,Snorkeling,Surfing,Swimming,Fishing etc.). Has a bright yellow in the water and can easily be found. Float designed to keep your camera with a waterproof shell easy to float on the water. Adjustable wrist strap, so you have double protection.   Package Includes: 1x Handle Mount; 1x wrist strap; 1x screw 1x for sony

PRICE: $8.99