Rc Remote Control Stealth Drone 4 Channel Quad Copter

Rc Air Force Stealth Drone Quad Copter The Air Force Stealth Drone Quad Copter is a mini size Stealth Bomber realistic shaped plane with the quad copter 3-Axis gyro technology. Quad Copter Technology The Quad copter is a multi-copter that is lifted and propelled by four rotors which makes it so much easier and more simple to fly and gives you the option to hover in the air unlike other planes. Design and Quality The plane design is very realistic, the plane body materiel is made of highly elastic foam, so you can bend it, crash it, and it won’t break. You can throw it by hand and push the throttle to fly, or by taking off from the floor with the wheels. Durable Unique material for indoor and outdoor Flights With Flashing Led Lights for

PRICE: $39.99