Savvy Infusion – Flip-Top Sport Infuser Water Bottle – Enjoy Delicious Fruit Infused Beverages – Leak Proof Tritan Travel Tumbler – Perfect Infusing and Detox Bottle for Sports & Fitness Enthusiasts

FOR SOME REASON, WATER JUST DOESN’T TASTE GOOD TO YOU. Let’s face it, water just kind of tastes like, well, water; there isn’t much to it. It’s no wonder why energy drinks, sodas, sugar loaded “fruit” water and the like have such an appeal. Why would something that’s so good for you taste so blasé? ALL THAT’S ABOUT TO CHANGE… Quit adding those flavor enhancers to your water to make it more “drinkable”, and try INFUSING it! The Savvy Infusion Water Bottle is the way to do it. Try adding mint leaves, lime, and cucumber inside the removable inner core, give the infuser bottle a shake, and enjoy a water that tastes crisp, clean, and minty fresh! YOUR ONLY LIMIT IS YOUR IMAGINATION And even then, if your imagination hits a wall, you’ll be

PRICE: $15.95