SevenBlu HIP – Fashion Money Belt / Extra Pocket / Running Belt – World’s Best Stylish Travel Wallet or Mini Purse – with ZIPper – Fits iPhone 6 Plus – Your Smartphone Pocket (Gray L)

YOUR POCKET ON-THE-GO! The ULTIMATE solution to stash your smart phone, keys, wallet – you name it! HAVE YOUR HANDS-FREE The Money and fitness belt perfect for Running, Shopping or Travel. It’s the innovative re-designed stylish fanny pack. CHIC & STYLISH MINI PURSE It’s the perfect waist pack for theme parks, dancing, grocery shopping, music festivals or everyday errands. DESIGNED FOR SAFE TRAVEL – CONCEAL FROM THIEVES You can wear it underneath your clothes as a hidden money belt to discreetly hide your passport and cash, and all your travel accessories. Keep your valuables safe ! NO BOUNCE | BETTER THAN YOUR RUNNING WAIST PACKS You better believe it but you won’t hear the jingling of your items or the annoying ride up with our

PRICE: $23.99