SmartRSQ 25 in 1 Wallet Multitool Card for EDC & Outdoor Activities

Even if You Aren’t Prepared, it Can Save You from Unpleasant Situations, IMMEDIATELY In everyday use if you need something to Measure, Cut, Open, Unscrew, Peel, Bend and you don’t have your toolbox with you, YOU’VE GOT TO HAVE THIS AMAZING TOOL! The results can make you Feel Like a Hero in just a few seconds, without having to carry your toolbox with you! It’s called SmartRSQ Multitool Card. It is a small, lightweight tool, with 25 in 1 multi functions tools that actually work, with a new design, easy to use and user friendly. The multi-purpose tool has the standard size of a business card and it fits perfectly in your Wallet, Pouch or Pocket. The Stainless Steel Multitool Card Won’t Bend, Break or Rust, and it has: – 4 Screwdrivers – Can

PRICE: $17.00