Smoked Sockeye Whole Side Salmon Lox Cold Smoked Wild Pacific Canadian Fish Pre Sliced (1 Lbs (2 x 1/2 Lbs))

Jet Set Sam Canadian Smoked Salmon is the highest quality in the world. We guarantee freshness and quality< /B> Salmon is Mild cured in brown sugar/ salt and smoke flavored at low temperatures giving you an uncooked fish that is served in elegant thin slices.Sockeye salmon is the best-known Pacific Northwest smoked salmon. You’ll find Cold Smoked Sockeye Salmon boasts an exceptionally rich flavour, reddish colour and firm texture. Thinly sliced salmon is an exceptional treat for seafood lovers. Heart healthy with loads of Omega-3 fatty acids. Wild sockeye salmon cured in salt and Smoked with natural wood smoke, an excellent product served with bagels, cream cheese, capers & onions. Wild sockeye is the best of 5 Canadian salmon species.

PRICE: $63.49