Sony VCT-TA1 Camera Angle Mount for Sony Action Cam HDR-AS10 and HDR-AS15 (Black)

Customize your POV with Tilt Adaptor for Action Cam. Easily adjust your camera and capture killer views from 0 -105 degrees.1 Secure your camera to any mount with tripod screw and enjoy the fun without worry. -Tilt adaptor: Using this tripod mountable adjustable camera mount with the Sony Action Cam HDR-AS10 or HDR-AS15 allows you to customize your shooting angle to get the best shot.2 The adaptor adjusts from 0 -105 degrees in 15-degree increments for flexibility in setting up the perfect shot. -Versatile Attachment: Attach to any mount that has a tripod screw (i.e. adhesive mount attached to a surfboard or handlebar mount attached to dirt bike. -Uncompromised strength: The VCT-TA1 tile adaptor boasts

PRICE: $10.00