Swatch Women’s Gent GW175 Multi Silicone Swiss Quartz Watch

Bright! Kicky! Playful! Quirky! Wear this when it doesnt matter! Why not have some fun for a change Ditch the old solemn and somber dressed up looks for something totally wild wacky and off-the-wall! Shock your friends! Amaze your co-workers! Baffle your bosses! This unique Swatch watch is an absolute kick! Its bright original-looking color combinations and revolutionary design is not just awe-inspiring its plutonium! Each Swatch watch that you select is powered by a swiss-quartz movement encased in a durable plastic 34MM MM wide case thats 9MM MM thick and secures completely to your wrist with a multicolor silicone strap This Swatch watch is like fashion watches on steroids! A Swatch watch also contain such outstanding features as a

PRICE: $52.18