Playing Santa Claus

I once played the role of Father Christmas at a large playcentre. It was great fun with a never-ending run of kids’ hilarious claims and reactions. It was also very satisfying to be giving out gifts to some very low income families. It didn’t seem to ... ( read original story ...)

Canada Day And Santa Claus Parade Return To Downtown Windsor

After being absent from the downtown core for years, the Windsor Parade Corporation has announced the return of the Canada Day and Santa Claus Parades to the city centre. In recent years the Canada Day parade had been held along Wyandotte Street East ... ( read original story ...)

True Life: I Found Out About Santa Claus The Hard Way

On my seventh Christmas, my dad waved me over to his side on Christmas morning to show me a series of Polaroid pictures he had captured the night before. As I tucked my legs beneath me and settled between my dad and our sparkling Norway spruce, my jaw dropped. ( read original story ...)

10 Times Santa Claus Was More Naughty Than Nice

Over the years, news articles have reported a multitude of criminals dressing up as Santa Claus in order to commit their crimes. These creepy tales range from drug crimes to kidnapping to mass murder. It shows us that when the wrong person is wearing the ... ( read original story ...)

Annual Santa Claus parade saved for another year

Only a week after Santa Claus Parade organizer Mick Gee announced he would be stepping away from the event another organization has stepped up to take the reins. With the threat of cancellation looming, organizers of Cochrane Light Up, the hugely popular ... ( read original story ...)