Pervert Santa Claus arrested again for groping women

A homeless serial pervert who groped several women while wearing a Santa Claus hat and rose colored shades earlier this year was arrested Sunday for fondling three women in a matter of minutes near the boardwalk in Brighton Beach, police said. David Cruz ... ( read original story ...)

Santa Claus man arrested after attempted Molotov Cocktail

Santa Claus man arrested after attempted Molotov Cocktail A Santa Claus man was arrested Friday afternoon after allegedly placing a Molotov cocktail in a woman's yard. Check out this story on ... ( read original story ...)

Here comes Santa Camp

Harris Camp and Conference Center in Greenfield. Noon, a graduate of the International University of Santa Claus, was teaching a class titled “Who is Santa?” for beginning Santa Clauses — men, mostly over 60, looking to break into an industry that ... ( read original story ...)

Reindeer tracks keep belief in Santa aloft

One of the biggest stories from childhood is the jolly, rosy-cheeked man known as Santa Claus. From portrayals in classic books and movies to numerous songs about his visit on Christmas Eve, lots of kids have held a belief in Santa, however fleeting.My ... ( read original story ...)