Tea Beyond Tea Gift Flowering Tea Set Juliet 20 Oz/590 Ml English Breakfast Flowering Tea 12cts Black Tea Gift Iced Blooming Tea

This tea set includes one glass teapot Juliet 20 oz and one pack of English breakfast flowering tea 12 counts. One of our signature design, designed and inspired by blooming teas, Teapot Juliet 20 oz makes tea drinking an unforgettable experience! Crystal clear high quality glass allows tea lovers to watch each bloom unfolding. This mouth blown glass teapot comes with pink rose on top. Anti-slip handle design adds great feature to the design. This teapot is designed to be used for blooming tea. it can also be used to steep loose leave teas. The glass teapot Juliet is made of special lead free glass that can handle temperature shock. It allows you to pour directly boiling water or iced cold water in without breaking it. It’s also

PRICE: $32.99