XHSP 100% Cotton Highly Absorbent Embroidered Towels 3-Piece Towel Set Hotel Bath Towel, 1 Bath Towels, 2 Hand Towels Extra Think Beach Bath Towels (Blue)

Wash And Maintenace Please use clearwater washed several times before initial use, remove the floating fluff,floating fluff is normal Hand wash first not machine wash to avoid damaging tissue terry 1.Use neutral detergent,separately avoid different color washing together 2.Gentle washing, and can not be washed together with other hard things 3.After long time use and tactile impression become harder ,add fabric softener to soften the towels 4.Optimal wash temperature:around 40 degrees Celsius Note:All types of detergent, bleach, softener should be Fully diluted dissolve when added ,or will resulting in local fabric yellowing,Even lead to holes in the fabric appear,hair

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